Honoring Fallen Santa Fe Indians

Approximately 4 weeks ago, our owner (Clay Hertenberger) who is a Santa Fe High School alumni, father of 2 current students and 1 recent graduate, presented an idea for a donation to honor two of our fallen Santa Fe Indians who were tragically lost on May 18th at Santa Fe High School; Chris Stone and Riley Garcia. Chris Stone was 17 years old, would have been a senior this year, and grew up with this varsity team. Riley Garcia was 15 years old, would have been a sophomore this year, and had just recently moved to Santa Fe with his family. Both of these young men who were a part of our football program lost their lives as heroes, trying to save their classmates at Santa Fe High School on May 18th. Yesterday evening, IPC Industries led by Mr Hertenberger, had the privilege to cater a meal for Chris & Riley’s families and the SFHS Varsity Football Team and Coaching Staff, and present all of them with the shirts he had made which are emblazoned across the back with: “Santa Fe Football. We’re not just strong, we’re made of STONE. Gone but never forgotten. Chris Stone and Riley Garcia. May 18, 2018” As Mr Hertenberger said during his statements yesterday, “these game day shirts are a way to let everyone know that these guys are playing for a purpose this year.” IPC wants to encourage everyone to continue to come together as one as we persevere through the lasting effects that day has had on our community. If you see these limited edition black (Class of 2019) or white (Varsity Underclassmen) shirts out in the public, keep in mind why they are wearing them and maybe try to offer up some words of encouragement! With that said, Mr Hertenberger along with his IPC Industries Family would like to proudly say, “GOOD LUCK!” and best wishes to our Santa Fe Indians on their 2018 Football Season! Special appreciation:
…to the SFHS Football Booster Club President, Gaylyn Pagel-Wisko for her hard work in helping us make sure this came to fruition! …to Adrienne and Amanda with La Brisa League City for providing both families with gift cards to have a meal compliments of La Brisa!
For information on how you can support the 10 families who lost loved ones, the 13 families of wounded students and faculty, and the countless others who were in the vicinity and directly affected by this tragedy, please visit: https://texasfirst.bank/about-us/blog/santa-fe-strong-fund.